Welcome to the Rotorua Association of Triathletes and Multisport (RATS)

RATs is a triathlon and multisport club catering for all levels of ability and activity, from beginners to Olympic hopefuls.

Our training sessions are open to all and you can participate at your own level.

So if you’re not already a member, check out our Facebook page, try a training session or two, join up and get involved!

Winter Duathlon Series 2017

Enter here
Only one Duathlon left: Sunday 23 July – mark your diaries! All events are off-road this year, due to changes around access to 8 Mile Road.

All the Duathlon information you need is here.

Get in touch with Lee-Anne if you’re keen to volunteer.

2017 Duathlon Results

Sunday 28th May
Sunday 25th June



Winter Spin Classes & Bunch Rides are back

Follow the link for further information on Spin Classes & Bunch Rides.

RATs Teams for Rotorua Ekiden

The Ekiden is on 7 October 2017 and we are hoping to get at least one team together for this round the lake relay. Legs are between 5-8km, all on road. We would like to use this as a social event to encourage people to meet each other and work in teams. If you are keen, please email ratsrotorua@gmail.com or click “going” to the Facebook event. We will work out the teams in a few weeks time. Costs to be advised once we know how many people are keen.

And thanks goes to our fantastic Moonride volunteers!!

Moonride volunteers


RATS Events Calendar

We have summarised upcoming events and training sessions into one handy calendar. We will keep this updated throughout the course of the year.


The club is now on Instagram. Give the account a follow AND when you’re uploading your own relevant pics, use the hashtag #ratsrotorua

RATs Strava Club

We have set up a club on Strava – request to join! It is a good way to find other training partners or see where others RATs are running and riding to get some inspiration – and also we will be running a few Strava challenges for members over the off-season to keep you motivated.

Blue Lake Buoy distances

Blue Lake – Distances between buoys Updated 26/01/2016

Buoy number, starting at Ski Club end Distance between (m) Distance from beach (m), ONE WAY
Beach 0
1 50 50
2 92 142
3 108 250
4 100 350
5 90 440
6 80 520
7 110 630
8 90 720
9 130 850
10 100 950
11 80 1030
12 100 1130
13 80 1210
14 100 1310
15 60 1370
Far Beach 40 1410