Swim training options with RATS at the Aquatic Centre

RATS Squad

Tues and Thursday Mornings from 6am-7am. $2 for RATS, $5 for non members.

“Have you wanted to come and join swim squad but the phrase “swim squad” has put you off – you feel like you need to be a gun to join a swim squad – WRONG

Swim squad is a fun way of swimming with others. We have two dedicated lanes, you can go at your own pace – no pressure. Water is also a nice balmy 28 degrees. Clarrie keeps our programme varied and fun. Some examples of fun are making a human chain and having Jamie and Hugh take turns at towing us. Trying to learn our tumble turns and having Clarrie laughing at some of us in our attempts.

One of the best things I like about swim squad is going out to breakfast at Capers after swimming – we generally do this every 6 weeks.

So if you have been tempted to tip your toe take the plunge come along and see what we are all about – we are just a bunch of like minded individuals keeping fit and having fun.”

SBR Coaching -Alan Judd

Wednesday day 10.00am-11.00am Beginner / Intermediate
Monday 6pm from the end of November, open water sessions at the Blue Lake
$40 per month or $5 per session
Find further information on Facebook

United Aquatic Sports -Henk

Monday – Friday mornings 5.30am-7am
Tuesday and Thursdays 10-11.30am
Saturday 6am – 7am
Wednesday and Saturday sessions suitable more for beginners
Monthly fees; contact Henk on Uas@clear.net.nz

Please be aware these sessions/times/prices could change and it is best to keep an eye on the RATS Facebook page for the most up to date training information

Blue Lake – Distances between buoys Updated 26/01/2016

Buoy number, starting at Ski Club end Distance between (m) Distance from beach (m), ONE WAY
Beach 0
1 50 50
2 92 142
3 108 250
4 100 350
5 90 440
6 80 520
7 110 630
8 90 720
9 130 850
10 100 950
11 80 1030
12 100 1130
13 80 1210
14 100 1310
15 60 1370
Far Beach 40 1410