William Guy

1. Name? William Guy

2. Age Group? 13-16

3. Profession? Student

4. Favourite Cheese? Feta or Brie

5. Why do you do Triathlon/Multisport? Beats watching tv and you get to meet all sorts of cool people.

6. What is your most favourite event? Anything flat and fast – Tinman or Bayfair sprint triathlons.

7. What bike (bikes) do you ride and what would you REALLY like to ride? I ride a Marin at the moment but am getting a carbon frame and some FSA RD-488 this weekend so I’ll be on some new wheels next week. One day I’d really like to ride a Cervelo S3, P4, R5, a Scott Plasma 3 or a Specialized Venge.

8. Out of the different disciplines, which is your most favourite and which one is the least favourite? Biking’s always going to best – Running’s always going to be worst…

9. Are you coached or do you make up your own regime of punishment? Lawrence Oldershaw keeps me in line and I think he enjoys punishing me on a daily basis.

10. Who is an athlete(s) you admire? There is a load of them but Andreas Raelart, Javier Gomez, Alistair Brownlee, Hamish Carter and Andy Schleck all stand. Can’t forget the next door neighbour Julian Dean as well.

11. Training, work, family – how do you fit it all in? Well I don’t work…. Anyone hiring? 😉 Its hard some days; 6am bike rides aren’t that great. But generally I manage to get it over with and still have time to get on facebook as well 😀

12. How long have you been a RAT and what do you like about the club? Just a year but hopefully many more – I like all the great people I meet all the club races and training sessions and you can’t forget the Pizza and Drinks!

13. On a sunny day, what do you prefer – MTB or road bike? Road bike. I can’t remember the last time I went biking in the forest.

14. How many ACC claims due to sport injuries? None… so far.

15. Most favourite riding loop (MTB or Road)? Well back when I did mountain bike Be Rude, Pondy and the Huck tracks were fun. On the road I like anything with the most popular ride being circuits of Te Waerenga – Tga Direct – Kaharoa – Penny – Te Waerenga – Tga Direct repeated numerous times.

16. Most favourite run loop? I only do one run loop and that’s just repeats of the Hamurana springs trail if anyone can give me some better runs in Hamurana I will give them a try.

17. What would you do with all your spare time and money if you wouldn’t train and race and spend all of your and your wife/husband/partner/families money on sports gear you really badly need? The real question is what would my parents spend the money on since they pay everything for me….. I don’t have a clue. If I didn’t do triathlons I’d still be playing waterpolo so I doubt there would be much more spare time.

18. What event would you really like to do one day? I’d like to do the Savageman Triathlon which sounds pretty ruthless – some of its bike course is on cobblestones! I’d like to some half ironmans and full ironmans. Ironman NZ, Kona World Champs, Singapore 70.3 and Ironman Canada are all pretty appealing, I might need to get my act sorted out though haha.

19. Do you think swimming should be turned into an optional discipline in triathlon? No – I hate duathlons :/

20. Any suggestions for the club? Nothing other than buy more coke (the drink haha) we’re always running out of it at club nights.

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