Vance Wilson

Vance Wilson
  1. Age Group: 35-45
  2. Profession: Fitter & Turner
  3. Favourite Cheese: Anything I can get down without gagging, not a great fan of the stinkyer types of cheese.
  4. Why do you do Triathlon/Multisport: I really enjoy the challenge of trying to do well in three disciplines & the people you meet are all do-ers, inspirational and enjoyable to be around.
  5. What is your most favourite event: I have a thing for the half ironman at the moment (The distance and training isn’t too extreme) with Tauranga in particular being one I enjoy, as you get to compete alongside (‘behind’ is perhaps a better word) some of the legends, like Cameron Brown.
  6. What bike (bikes) do you ride and what would you REALLY like to ride: I’ve got a oldish Trek 1500 (road bike), an Avanti Pro Competitor (MTB), & a EMC (Time Trial bike) that I’m hoping to one day drop a supped up engine into, Yeah Right! If I could pick any bike to ride it would probably be a Cervelo P3 TT (speed machine), although there are a number of other bikes out there that would be equally nice to own, the Cervelo P3 has always appealed.
  7. Out of the different disciplines, which is your most favourite and which one is the least favourite: My favourite discipline changes depending on what I’m feeling strong at, but usually cycling, now & again running and rarely swimming!
  8. Are you coached or do you make up your own regime of punishment: Lawrence Oldershaw is the guru that coaches & mentors me (who without, I would be running around like a chook with its head cut off!).
  9. Who is an athlete you admire: There are numerous athletes but two that really stand out for me are Hamish Carter & Cameron Brown for not only their incredible achievements racing, but for also being down to earth, genuine, humble kiwis!
  10. Training, work, family – how do you fit it all in: It is difficult some days, with the key for me, being sure I am organised. I am also lucky in a sense that my kids have reached an age that hanging out with dad isn’t as cool as it once use to be, especially for some reason when I’m kitted out in my cycling shorts or speedos! (Apparently not cool!)
  11. How long have you been a RAT and what do you like about the club: I’ve been a RAT for about 5 years and in particular, I enjoy the company of other rats & the opportunity to participate and mix with them, in the numerous activities (training and events) put on by the club. Also worth mentioning, is the fantastic support everyone gives one another when our club members are out there competing (very uplifting).
  12. On a sunny day, what do you prefer – MTB or road bike: This is a hard one as I like both and think that it would probably come down to the company on offer with each as to what appealed on the day.
  13. How many ACC claims due to sport injuries: There have been a few, with rolled ankles being a favourite of mine. Although I have been lucky with nothing recently, touch wood!
  14. Most favourite riding loop (MTB or Road): Road- pretty much anywhere away from busy roads on a summer’s day with likeminded others. MTB- Without a doubt in the Redwoods on tracks that are hard & fast so I can scare myself stupid.
  15. Most favourite run loop: Anything in the Redwoods is awesome.
  16. What would you do with all your spare time and money if you wouldn’t train and race and spend all of your and your wife/husband/partner/families money on sports gear you really badly need: Hard to imagine life without some sort of sport, therefore think that if I weren’t into triathlon it would be some other time consuming, costly physical endeavour. Life without sport hmmm, I could possibly become an OOmpa-loompa?
  17. What event would you really like to do one day: There is hopefully another one or two Ironman events left in me, definitely a Taupo Ironman but it would be quite exciting and different to do one elsewhere, perhaps overseas.
  18. Do you think swimming should be turned into an optional discipline in triathlon: As much as it would be to my benefit to do away with the swim, definitely not. The challenge of triathlon is to do well over all three disciplines & anything less, just isn’t cricket.
  19. Any suggestions for the club: Not a suggestion, just an opportunity to say job well done to all those people that help make the club what it is, it’s a fantastic club to be a part of!

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