Deanna Smit

1. Age Group? MW 45-50

2. Profession? Health Management

3. Favourite Cheese? Hmm…English Stilton, but given it’s price in NZ any other tasty blue cheese…closely followed by a nice salty feta

4. Why do you do Triathlon/Multisport? Always wanted to do Ironman to see if I could…turns out I can! To this day, Ironman has been the only triathlon I have competed in

5. What is your most favourite event? Has to be the Rotorua Marathon, but IM Taupo is pretty special too

6. What bike (bikes) do you ride and what would you REALLY like to ride? My EMC2 is my first ever ‘grown-up’ bike, so that’s the only thing I ride! I’d really like to ride a Cervelo, only because the name sounds flash!

7. Out of the different disciplines, which is your most favourite and which one is the least favourite? Favourite discipline has to be the run, because that’s my background. Least favourite would be the swim, because I only learned to swim a couple of years ago and I’m not very good! I hate not being good at something…

8. Are you coached or do you make up your own regime of punishment? The ever patient Scott Donaldson coached me for Ironman, and I can highly recommend him! Prior to that, my friend Laurie McGregor, in his time a top-ranked long distance runner, was my running coach. These days it’s pretty much self-directed, with Isobel Murray telling me what I should be doing!

9. Who is an athlete you admire? Lisa Tamati – ultramarathon runner, simply for her dedication and determination. Also people like Scott & Jamie for doing things that the rest of us think are completely mad….but going for it anyway. That’s the sort of dedication I really admire.

10. Training, work, family – how do you fit it all in? Sometimes I don’t and life gets in the way – oh well, don’t stress and have a cup of tea!

11. How long have you been a RAT and what do you like about the club? I joined RATS in 2009 when I was training for Ironman. The club has been really supportive and encouraging, particularly preparing for my first big event!

12. On a sunny day, what do you prefer – MTB or road bike? Don’t own a MTB so it’s got to be road!

13. How many ACC claims due to sport injuries? Far too many – mostly for falling over!

14. Most favourite riding loop (MTB or Road)? Bryce Road/Ngakuru

15. Most favourite run loop? Native track in the forest

16. What would you do with all your spare time and money if you wouldn’t train and race and spend all of your and your wife/husband/partner/families money on sports gear you really badly need? Travel with my darling husband

17. What event would you really like to do one day? Ironman again…..

18. Do you think swimming should be turned into an optional discipline in triathlon? Yes, but only because I’m no good at it!

19. Any suggestions for the club? No – it’s a fantastic club, with lots of people doing some great things. Thanks for letting me be part of it.

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