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Deanna Smit

1. Age Group? MW 45-50 2. Profession? Health Management 3. Favourite Cheese? Hmm…English Stilton, but given it’s price in NZ any other tasty blue cheese…closely followed by a nice salty feta 4. Why do you do Triathlon/Multisport? Always wanted to do Ironman to see if I could…turns out I can! To this day, Ironman has […]

William Guy

1. Name? William Guy 2. Age Group? 13-16 3. Profession? Student 4. Favourite Cheese? Feta or Brie 5. Why do you do Triathlon/Multisport? Beats watching tv and you get to meet all sorts of cool people. 6. What is your most favourite event? Anything flat and fast – Tinman or Bayfair sprint triathlons. 7. What […]

Paul Laing

Age Group? Old coggers 45 – 50 Profession? Accountant Favourite Cheese? Toss up – blue or deep fried camembert Why do you do Triathlon/Multisport? Coz I like it. Mostly coz I swim/ paddle OK for cyclist, run ok for a swimmer and cycle ok for a runner What is your most favourite event? Coast to […]

Vance Wilson

Vance Wilson

Age Group: 35-45 Profession: Fitter & Turner Favourite Cheese: Anything I can get down without gagging, not a great fan of the stinkyer types of cheese. Why do you do Triathlon/Multisport: I really enjoy the challenge of trying to do well in three disciplines & the people you meet are all do-ers, inspirational and enjoyable […]